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Discussion in ' Effects [BG] ' started by bassampegmanJul 26, Jul 26, 1. Jul 3, Suffolk England. Anybody got any good settings on the ME50B im getting mine soon, they are difficult to get here in the UK at the moment. I was very impressed with the NAMM preview on Roland demo CD i love effects that add to your sound and not change or ruin the good sound you had before.

Is the pedal noisy?? Does it bypass well i. What is the Tuner like, especially on dark stages? I like ChorusFlanger, Octaver, but have never found the Overdrive sounds in other pedals very nice, i. The Boss unit has some nice new sounds i think, what do you guys think of it?? Can you use it live??

Jul 26, 2. Jan 10, Taipei, Taiwan. I'm sure the display panel is illuminated so the tuner should work out well on a darkened stage.

Apparently it's not true bypass but doesn't colour the sound significantly. I think a few people have written saying how the overdrives are superior to anything else on a boss multi effects unit. Have a search. There's at least one lengthy thread already, that covers most of the things you asked about. Jul 26, 3. Oct 14, Lower Westchester, NY.

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I guess I could dig up some of my patches, but they're so specific to my basses and amp setup I'm not sure how much it'll help. It's an intuitive tool, I don't think you'll have any issues. The tuner is fine on live stages. It's not true bypass but there's not noticable tone suckage in bypass.

Not that I'd use it in bypass much anyway - I'll usually have a patch that has EQ only and that's my 'dry' sound. It's very usable live, The overdrives are very good on thisthe best I've heard on a multi-fx. I've owned a bunch of other multifx before, and the overdrive has always been a weak point on them.

These ones are much better. Jul 26, 4. I love my MEB. LEVEL both set to full right. Play in the upper registers and add some compression. Remember, you only have 2. The E. Tuner works great on my 5 strings, great on stage but very hard in the sunlight at an outdoor gig.

Jul 30, 5. Got my Boss me50b, so far im impressed. The tuner is very fast and accurate and will also do drop tunings.The pedal itself works great but in the description of the merchandise they didn't say anything about not including a power supply and a missing battery compartment door.

I had an extra power supply so that wasn't a big deal. However I cannot find a battery door to replace the one that was missing. If I had known it was missing I may have opted for someone else's pedal. I just bought a Boss ME Multi effects pedal for my guitar. I specifically bought this one as a back up. It was used but very well taken care of, in fact it looked brand new when I received it. I plugged it in and it works perfect.

It actually sounds better than the one I have been using for my gigs. Everything was as specified. The volume button had been replaced but that did not effect the pedal what so ever. The best used purchase I have made yet! I had one of these for a long time before losing it in a fire. I used it a lot leading worship.

boss me 50 compressor

This processor has a lot of great modulation a and effects and if very easy to setup and use. I love it. We are talking 50 effects that sound as good or better than the originals. Affordable, reliable, portable, easy to use.

All About the Bass - BOSS ME50B - Put Your Foot On It

I've owned mine for 7 years and gig with it. I think it sounds fantastic. I attribute this somewhat to the three volume boosters built into the unit. The distortion's, compressor's and master's volume adjustments.

Sending a hot clean signal into a tube amp does wonderful things. You gotta love having over 20 different overdrives to choose from. It has a harmonizer, Uni-Vibe, analog delay, reverse echo, chorus, phase, flanger, Leslie simulator, vibrato, chorus, compressor, noise gate, four reverbs, digital delays, wah wah, volume pedal,and more I'm surprised it doesn't have an envelope filter.

The one annoying thing about the ME is that if you switch from one patch to another there is a half second delay of no sound. So switching patches while performing a song is pretty much out of the question.

You could however turn the distortion, mod and delays on and off while on a patch. Personally, I never use the patches. To be fair: I am in the musical instrument business and am intimately familiar with this and other guitar processing products.

I bought the ME because for certain situations it's the perfect product: sounds really good, it's very easy to use and has just enough to make most of the guitar sounds you hear in use on stage on on records. It runs on batteries so you can us it anywhere, and has a sturdy metal case, so like other BOSS products, it will stand up to the rigors of heavy use.

Does it do everything? No, but things that do are not nearly as easy to use in real time, and for almost all common playing situations, the ME is more than enough.

The BOSS ME does more and has a few more features with a similar easy knob-based interface, but it costs more and for my application was mor e than I needed. There are some scratches, but there is no problem with the operation. In addition, if you use the TURBO function, it is possible to create distortion that exceeds the modeled original.Protect your investment.

Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. The ME Guitar Multiple Effects is a floor-based multi-effects processor built with the ruggedness and simplicity of a stompbox. Designed to work with your amplifier, the ME focuses on killer multi-effects like COSM overdrive and distortion rather than amp modeling. And dialing in your tone is easy, thanks to dedicated knobs for each effect section, three footswitches and a built-in expression pedal.

So if you want great-sounding effects without all the menu surfing, the ME is everything you need.

boss me 50 compressor

A multi-effects processor without a menu-driven LCD? Leave it to BOSS to design the most intuitive multi-effects processor ever. With simple knob-based control over each effect section, the ME makes dialing in your tone easier than ever. And when you want to kick in an effect, just step on one of the footswitches. Think of it as a pedalboard full of stompboxes, just without all the individual pedals.

Derived from the popular OD Drive Zone, these are some of the crunchiest, tastiest overdriven sounds you can imagine. There's even a "Square" effect for cool synth-type sounds.

Of course, the ME also has plenty of other effects like compression, analog delay, flanger, phaser, tremolo, Harmonist, Uni-V and a wicked new Rotary effect. Having an assignable expression pedal is great, but not if you have to dig through menus just to select the effect you want to control. The ME fixes all that with a simple Pedal Mode switch and knob. First, select whether you want to use the pedal for volume or expression. If you choose expression, you can then select one of six preset assignments via the dedicated knob: wah, resonance, voice, ring mod and octave up or down.

The ME's Memory function makes changing Patches quick and easy. Once enabled, the three footswitches become Patch selectors for switching between three programs within one of the ME's ten memory banks. And with the ME's convenient tuner function, keeping your guitar in tune is easy. If you have questions about operating your BOSS product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email.

Forging the Future - Innovation for Creative Inspiration BOSS forges into with an awe-inspiring lineup of effects, digital studios, and accessories.

Subscribe for updates. Register Products Protect your investment. Home Home Discontinued ME Easy Assignable Expression Pedal Having an assignable expression pedal is great, but not if you have to dig through menus just to select the effect you want to control.Remember Me? Blogs Contributing Member Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 19 of Boss ME review - I think I've cracked it long.

So I recently sold all my pedals not saying much to buy an ME and a footswitch for the extra functions. Here's the way I use it and some observations on its sounds and function. I very nearly gave up on this due to the silences when changing memory locations and the usual volume inconsistency between patches that takes so much tweaking time on a multi effect but now we've come to an understanding.

I don't really have any use for the other settings. The acoustic simulator is particularly hopeless with either of my guitars. I get closer to an acoustic tone in position 2 on my tele' through my clean channel. Compressor - a little boosted over straight through and a bit of squish. Nice as a clean boost and for pushing the OD. Not a bad sounding compressor which is a relief as it lacks any fine control over the effect. OD - I've several favourites here.

For standalone use I like the Natural OD, very amp like and transparent. Crunch gets a bit of VOXiness going on. I'm not that sold on the other models. For use with my amp I'll set up a medium gain tone on the OD-1 model and use the Tone Modify and Compressor together for a fat boost. This gets me very close to what I had going with the FD2 I used before. Lots of textures here without even saving patches. Modulation - The chorus and tremolo are both fine.

As luck would have it I get the sounds I want with the knobs in more or less the same position so switching from chorus to trem is just a matter of leaning down and twiddling the selector. I'm not a big user of phasing or flanging but they work. The rotary is ok but no match for the excellent rotary effect in a VOX Valvetronix amp or a Leslie, but I'm not crazy enough to carry one around. The Harmoniser's quite fun, Big Country anybody? I find the Univibe very muddy but then I'm not a big Univibe user.

Delays - How did I live without tap tempo? I use the analogue setting for listening pleasure at home and the digital delay in a band setting.

The digi delay just gives more presence and cut to the repeats and prevents that "where'd my tone go? Even cooler the tap tempo in digi delay mode is not bound by the range selector knob. Reverb - Ah, now the bad stuff. This is not switchable. The spring model is horrible with no effective high end damping.

The room model is OK and usable in a pinch. My amp has a great sounding Accutronics spring reverb. I use that.

boss me 50 compressor

The volume pedal and tuner work well enough though not as well as, say, the Ernie Ball VP and a Korg DT10 I was using before but they get the job done. I like the fact that the wah is switched on just like a Crybaby toe down and switch. I don't use a lot of wah but it's there ready to go without hauling an extra pedal.Protect your investment. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information.

Effects can be edited using 23 knobs and controlled via three built-in footswitches and an assignable expression pedal. This is the piece no bass player should be without! Easy Tone effects with Preset EQ templates for quick tone editing 3 footswitches and onboard expression pedal routed to 6 options like Octave, Wah, etc.

Enter the MEB. Forget about menus and cursor buttons. Just reach down and twist a knob! Everyone knows that the fundamentals of good bass tone are compression and EQ. The Master section includes a 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid for precise tonal shaping. The MEB includes a variety of unique tone-shaping effects just for bass. Want some extra bite? There are also four synth bass sounds with superb tracking and natural feel.

Sound On Sound recording is very popular with guitarists, and now bass players can build their own loops, too. But the MEB can do even more. Using the new Kick Drum function, players can tap in their own kick drum and create loops over the beat.

With the MEB, bassists can take their playing to a whole new level. Compact, multifunctional dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching. Also available in 3 ft. Also available in 10 ft. Also available in 15 ft. If you have questions about operating your BOSS product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email.

Forging the Future - Innovation for Creative Inspiration BOSS forges into with an awe-inspiring lineup of effects, digital studios, and accessories. Subscribe for updates. Register Products Protect your investment. Sound On Sound with a Twist Sound On Sound recording is very popular with guitarists, and now bass players can build their own loops, too.Site Search. No fault of the ME-5, however.

Boss ME-50 owners; do I need a separate compressor?

The resentment is entirely based on the item I swapped for it back in those rash and easily influenced days of my early twenties… Namely brace yourselfan all original Fender Jaguar in burgundy mist metallic, with a bound dot fingerboard. Very good condition too. Never before had I bought an instrument, taken it back to a shop for a trade-in, and made a profit.

I, along with most of the other local musicians I knew, loved Boss pedals, and the idea of having all the salient ones packed together in a single, programmable box, was extremely attractive. Indeed, it was the programmability, and the ability to switch instantly from one selection of settings to another impossible with individual pedalswhich gave this box a value far greater than the sum of its parts. The Compressor on the ME-5 differed from the pedals in that its parameters could only be tailored in fairly big, incremental steps.

On the floor pedals you just turned a knob and got infinite variation between the minimum and maximum. Each of them has a very different character. The first No. You can, however, use the onboard EQ to reduce the extra mids and get things closer to the untreated sound.

The second No. The third No. Next comes the Equalizer. But where it all falls down is in the mid area. But what you get is one single band of mid boost or cut, selectable only between three preset frequencies. The Boss ME-5 was not cheap on introduction! The Chorus and Flanger are compartmentalised as one, so you can only engage one or the other. Both effects are very nice indeed, and using the ME-5 kind of highlights how far downhill these modulation effects have gone in the interim.

Control is adequate, and with careful setting of the different parameters you can get some extremely high quality sounds. The Flanger used without resonance and judiciously mixed with the original tone is spectacular. They genuinely do sound like the highest quality pedals you could lay your hands on. The Noise Gate is next in line, and is one of the most universally celebrated elements of the ME Very simple.

The reverb is excellent too. The gated is my favourite. It has no speaker simulator or amp modelling, so if you want a true guitar amp sound, you need to get an external amp simulator or go through a real amp. There are no Pitch-shifting or Tremolo effects. There are no real-time, pedal-controlled effects such as wah-wah.

The ME-5 was the one that started it all.Boss ME owners; do I need a separate compressor? Feb 13, 1. Oct 1, East Midlands, UK. However there's one area I'm lacking: I'm after a killer slap tone something like the tone Flea uses on Aeroplane.

It seems to me the compressor on the Boss doesn't really add anything significant and others on this board seem to be dubious of it's worth. However, I'm not a compressor expert, and it does seem to be a black art that not everyone gets to grips with easily.

So, does it sound like a decent quality compressor is the thing to get my sound where it needs to be - the one thing IMO in the Boss's arsenal that doesn't cut it; or have I got the wrong idea totally?

Is there something else I should compliment the Boss with to get closer to that tone? I'm assuming that a the separate comp will sit nicely before the Boss in the chain, right? Thanks RC. Feb 13, 2. I use a GT-6B. While the compressors are nice as effects, they are complete crap in terms of tonal shaping.

Feb 14, 3. Sep 7, Rav: I love my MEb but have questioned the same thing. There is limited flexibility with what you can do with the compression in this unit. This becomes apparent when you want to go from compression as a function to compression as an effect.

Likewise, there are compressor savvy bassists who split their signal and compress the lower and upper bandwidth separately. My hat is off to such perfectionist of the bottom line but my bottom line is that I use such little compression that the MEb suffices.

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